Conveying the Best Solutions


Custom Conveyor President, Dave Caspersen likes to say, “Custom does not have just one solution, it has the best solution”. He is right. Consumers and Engineers consult Custom Conveyor Corp for our extensive material handling experience and equipment product line that allows Custom Conveyor the flexibility to offer the best design solutions for every application. They purchase Custom Conveyor products for our quality, price and service. This has allowed us to be the material handling provider in many wide-ranging projects.

Dewatered Sludge Handling System - Texas

One such project, slated for delivery in 2015 is for Lubbock Texas Eastside WRP. The Custom Conveyor dewatered sludge handling system for Lubbock includes: large 20” and 24” shafted conveyors with premium XLM hanger bearings to move 32 tons per hour from the dewatering building up a 40’ elevation gain to; a 100 cubic yard storage hopper with twin shafted live bottom screws with; three large truck Loadout gates; heat tracing and insulation; hopper building enclosure; 100’ long maintenance access stairs and platforms; and electric control interfaces.       

Waste Water Treatment System Design - California

Custom Conveyor worked extensively with Carollo Engineers out of their Costa Mesa, California office on the complete sludge system design and furnished low bid for the system to Walsh/Archer Western Contractors. The contract includes custom on-site seam welding of the sectional shipped hopper components to create a water tight vessel. “The Lubbock project is indicative of Custom Conveyor’s commitment to meeting the needs of today’s waste water treatment market by designing and supplying total solids handling system solutions,” says Custom Conveyor Corp Vice President, Mitch Rontti.