Conveying the Best Solutions

With You Every Step of the Way

For over 30 years, Custom Conveyor Corp has been known as the system professionals. Our mission is to sustain client loyalty through our professional experience and commitment to providing high quality customer service. We believe service begins by providing the correct solution to your material handling needs and follows the product throughout its life cycle.


Design Services

Custom Conveyor Corp is driven by engineers. Our Engineering Team analyzes each project to determine the best product and/or system solution based on efficiency and cost effectiveness. We pride ourselves in delivering the perfect solution to make sure your material handling project is completed with seamless integration into your process. 

3-D Modeling Design

Our entire Engineering department utilizes the latest workstations and Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor 3D software to create models of your system. This powerful software allows us system design flexibility, process integration, and client compatibility. The software simultaneously creates a bill of material and 2D shop drawings from the 3D model. This unparalleled design capability improves design speed and manufacturing accuracy.

A few project samples can be viewed here.

Spare Parts Service

Custom Conveyor Corporation is committed to ensuring your equipment and facility is operating safely and efficiently. We can recommend and supply inventory stock for your routine maintenance program and can quickly respond to an emergency shutdown. We are also a major provider of spare parts for non – Custom Conveyor Corp equipment. We are equipped to furnish better than original equipment replacements for most conveyors including belt, shafted and shaftless systems. This includes engineered belts, UHMW liners and replacement spirals/screws.

Our list of available spare parts includes items from many companies no longer in business or no longer in solids waste handling such as Asdor, Parkson, and American Bulk Conveyors. Our high quality shafted flighting is CEMA rated. Our close tolerance spirals meet or exceed the standards of any other shaftless conveyor supplier in the world.


Turnkey Installation Service Partnerships

At Custom Conveyor Corp, we fit and test all equipment before it leaves our manufacturing facility to maximize site erection and installation efficiency. Due to the ease of our product installation and our excellent Project Management Team, we are a preferred vendor for many construction companies. If you require installation services, we can recommend one of our many constructor partners. 

Start-up Services

Custom Conveyor Corp insures your installation complies with all design specifications and requirements. Unless otherwise agreed upon, once the installation is complete a Custom Conveyor Corp trained and certified field service technician will check the mechanical and electrical installation and operate the system in all modes of operation to certify the system is ready to be put into service. 

Training Services

Custom Conveyor’s equipment and end user training consists of:
  • Complete system overview
  • Operational safety, start-up, modes of operation, and shut down procedures
  • Basic maintenance requirements and troubleshooting
  • How to obtain Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service and support

Our training services typically include classroom and field instruction depending on system complexity and specific client requirements. Custom Conveyor’s Training Services can be part of the Start-up services or used as a refresher course.

Retrofit & Repair Service

Custom Conveyor’s Service Team is available to service and upgrade your existing equipment from other conveyor manufacturers as well as our own. It is a marriage of our experienced design, service and manufacturing capabilities in all fields of material handling. We can help you with solutions to gain functionality to aging or improperly designed equipment. Very often the quick return of investment in improved efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs can be paid for out of maintenance budgets instead of having to justify capital equipment costs.

Maintenance Service Partnerships

Routine maintenance is vital to optimizing the operating efficiencies of your system and maintaining a low total cost of ownership. Many of Custom Conveyor’s North American Sales Rep companies have the staff expertise and resources to assist you in local maintenance planning and execution.