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Storage Systems

We are a major designer and manufacturer of conveying and transporting storage systems, specifically sludge storage and truck load-out systems. Our design uses a multi-redundant, live bottom, shaftless screw design with optional multiple load-out gates. This design permits the even-level loading of a stationary truck body of any size. And we back-up our unique, multi-redundant design with industry leading warrantees.

All of our storage systems are complete with distribution conveyors for emptying product. And most of our systems employ live bottoms. Live bottoms are multiple conveyors working together to move product from a larger surface area than is practical with one conveyor. Our live bottoms can also incorporate special gates for truck loading or converge to one or more conveyors to move product to another point.

Custom Conveyor Corp’s storage systems are designed specific to your application. They may be bolted or welded construction types or a combination of both. Our storage systems are available in AISI 304 or 316 grade stainless steel or alternately carbon steel painted or hot dipped galvanized. Storage units can be completely enclosed containers fed by conveyors or may be open-top receive containers to accept product from trucks and/or conveyors.

Custom Conveyor Corporation categorizes storage vessel types by the following method:


Hoppers are free standing square or rectangular in shape.

  • Hoppers vary in size from small to very large capacity.
  • Elevated Storage type live bottom conveyors are utilized for truck load out or process distribution.
  • Receiving type are usually below grade to receive product dumped by truck and utilize live bottoms feeding a vertical or inclined conveyor to move product to a higher elevation.


The defining feature for a bin is that they are portable in some way. 

  • Bins are generally square or rectangular, but can be cylindrical.
  • Generally have a small open top, but can be closed.
  • May incorporate integral feed conveyor (i.e. Augie Dumpster*)
  • Typically dumped for excavation, but live bottom conveyors optional.


Silos are cylindrical in shape.

  • Silos are usually large volume vessels and often have to be delivered in sections for site assembly due to shipping limitations.
  • Live bottom conveyors are utilized for truck load out or process distribution.
  • Dry lime utilizes volumetric or rotary feeders with a screw or pneumatic conveyors.

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*Augie Dumpster

Custom Conveyor Corp offers a stand-alone, self contained, self filling, and self leveling, enclosed dump-bin for wastewater screenings, grit, and sludge. It is a proven clean and odor free, automatic disposal system.

The covered load-out bin uses a standard waste container (roll-off) with our uniquely designed permanent steel top cover, internal leveling screw, and internal electrical level with multiple drop points. When the roll-off container is full, the entire dumpster is loaded on a standard roll-off dumpster truck and taken to the landfill with no odor or leakage in transit. The covered load-out dumpster design is adaptable for a single or multiple container system. Custom Conveyor Corps automatic feeder conveyor systems are an available compliment to the bins.